Monday, June 06, 2005

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@ Monday, June 06, 2005

________one smile hides; a thousand tears [x]`________

Wednesday, November 24, 2004
highlighted my hair todae..
uh huh..bud not very obvious lar..
onli highlighted very little of it-
hmm..most of my classmates gt their hair coloured-
Jasper went with mi..
n the process of him highlighting his hair was hell funni-
Grace came along too..
She dyed her hair green..
bud i dunno how she look in it..
didn wait for her to wash e dye off..
Nvm,shall c it tml..heh

Went makan after dat..
Bloody Hell
Waited for So darn long for Bus 51..
got so fed up dat took 189 den take train to Jurong East..
waste money sia..

den went to meet minggeng n shawn at Mrt station..
took train to TM den took taix to aloha chatlet..
-.-" e diver scared e hell out of mi..
he was telling us abt ghosts..
den teach us how to look at ghosts
kao..so damn speechless..
bud he is a funno n entertaining driver la=)

reached chatlet..
watched tv..
cos the fire is not started
den eat n eat n eat..
dey played musical chair..
poor ming geng gotta dance poledance bcos he cant get a chair..
LOL-so damn lameee

Ms Fahiza sent mi,vic n warwar home
Den on e way out of aloha chatlet..
war war was commenting on how creepy e place is..
vic said is okie cos dere r still alot of ppl ard..
den mr fuad added,"u might not noe dey r not human"..
-.-" Pengs*-
so encouraging of him...

@ Wednesday, November 24, 2004

________one smile hides; a thousand tears [x]`________

Tuesday, November 23, 2004
+[[olevel Biology]]+
hab my last paper todae!=))
So glad!Finally o level end liao.
Biology paper..im speechless abt e essay questions
i feel as if im doing another geo paper..
is jus so Geography..

Mingni acc mi home n change
my aunt complaint alot abt mi..

Went Fareast to meet xiao jia n ah ling..
dey went hopping first without mi!
sadded-felt so unwanted!LOL
bud nvm la..is okieee-=)
yup`got my belt..high heels
n i bought a 3/4 pants cos i cant help it
n now..I M BROKE-
any sugar daddies around??!

hmm..dunno to hightlight my hair anot lehh
scare mama scold..
scare not niceeee
dunno wat colour to highlight oso..
and I M BROKE!

Mi n ling went to apply for a part tym job..
$1000 per month..excluding commission..
shall think abt it..
shall look ard n see which job provide higher pay~

@ Tuesday, November 23, 2004

________one smile hides; a thousand tears [x]`________

Monday, November 22, 2004
+[[olevel ScienceMCQ]]+
one more paper to go
freedomm here i cummmm=)
1dae closer to shopping trip with cousins
n i have not tell my mom abt it
wopps*shall pray hard dat she will nt chop mi into pieces

hmm..Isacc n xuan sheng cumin ltr..
heh-babies dae..
alrights..now how m i suppose to prepare for biology

tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow...
dunno to sleepover at ling's hse anot..
e problem is dat..3 person bud only 2 beds avaliable..
ling needa go sch next dae which means she gonna kick us out in e morning-
uh huh..how how how?!
Jonathan wanna go for breakfast..LOL

@ Monday, November 22, 2004

________one smile hides; a thousand tears [x]`________

Sunday, November 21, 2004
+[[ah hah-`]]+
shopping trip with xiao jia is being pushed forward to 23rd
cos ah ling is joining us..
Long long tym since we three r out together..
n now we're going for night shopping!=)
lookin forward to 23rd..
might have sleepover at ah ling's hse
hah-tonning rather..

so many ppl dun wanna dye hair liao..
sian..shd i still dye my hair..
johnathan said ltr i dyed my hair i look lyk lian
anywae..if dye oso will be on 24th..
sorry Mingni.

Kor cuming tml
with his son..
xuan sheng=)
heh-finally gonna c him..

so bored..tomorrow havin science MCQ
hais-so long nv touch science liao
All the best to myself tomorrow.

@ Sunday, November 21, 2004

________one smile hides; a thousand tears [x]`________

Saturday, November 20, 2004
+[[wishin`upon e star*]]+
boring dae i hab-
so darn bored dat i came out with my xmas wishlist n to buy list..

+[to buy list]+
Contact lens
Black high heels
Hair highlighted
Colour Lotion

anyone willing to sponser mi to buy all dat?..

*Chirstmas Wishlist*
-Digital Camera
-New handphone
-Activa Scar Removal Jel
-New clothes
-More money
-Mr Right =)

Dear Santa,i wish upon the stars may my wishlist come truee.

@ Saturday, November 20, 2004

________one smile hides; a thousand tears [x]`________

Friday, November 19, 2004
+[[olevel Poa]]+
Poa is over..
i guess i hab flunked my paper 2..

hmm..losta ppl r done with their olevel..
i still gotta a long wae to go..
cant wait for tues to cum..
go dye hair..=)
yeap~Bz,LJC n Ong will be cuming too-
aft dat we go out n play kkiess~=D

uh huh-
chatted with sianlong..
LOL-thick skinned
hua hua gong zi leh..haha!

@ Friday, November 19, 2004

________one smile hides; a thousand tears [x]`________

andipromiseyou; thatyouwillneverbe replaced*